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About Brandpoint's expert series

You are a thought leader in your industry. 

You want to share your perspective and expertise. 

How do you get your voice to stand out above the rest to showcase your knowledge’s and brand’s unique value? 

Bylined articles and strategic video content can be a great way to accomplish all of this. The Expert Series distributes this content for placement in relevant, credible and reliable media publications, intended to be shared by stakeholders on their social media channels.

Brandpoint Byline Expert Series


We will produce an interview video or bylined article from an expert at your company.


Your branded content will be distributed to our network of premium news media sites for guaranteed placement.


You can leverage the credibility and implied endorsement of big media sites to enhance your brand via social media. ​


Generate additional buzz by sharing the media placements via other marketing channels like email, websites and more.


Equals 3, LLC wanted to introduce their AI marketing tool, Lucy, to a broad audience. Their managing partner and founder, Dan Mallin, was the expert to bring Lucy’s benefits to a national business stage. The main goal of the campaign was to generate awareness by distributing a video to national news outlets and providing links to their employees to share on social media.

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