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An infographic is a long-form graphic that distills dense data into an easy-to-understand visual narrative. Infographics are perfect for brands who want to tell a story and present lackluster data in an eye-catching way.

Infographics help you tell a more compelling brand story

Infographics are the fastest-growing content marketing tactic according to a Content Marketing Institute report. For organizations that deal with lots of data, numbers and complex topics, infographics present an effective way to convey a compelling and simple message without overwhelming users with dense reports and technical jargon.

No matter your industry, infographics can support a healthy content marketing strategy. They help your organization to reinforce important statistics and data in your industry. Or, you can give readers helpful tips in a more memorable way than with plain copy and stock photos.

How Brandpoint can help you create stunning infographics

A good infographic is impactful and striking, regardless of where you decide to publish it. While infographics can make an excellent addition to your content marketing plan, however, they’re not that easy to create. They require copywriting and editing resources and significant design expertise.

For many years, Brandpoint has helped brands in a variety of industries write and design compelling infographics. Our in-house writing and graphic design teams are trained and experienced in infographic creation and can support your organization through the entire process.

We offer two tiers of infographic creation based on whether the copy is written or you need writing support as well. No matter what, we specialize in turning your unique perspective into stunning visual content.

Do you need support creating infographics for your company? Let’s get started.

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