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Graphic design combines your written content and your unique brand identity into custom images and other visual elements. Graphic design is a tremendous asset to your content marketing efforts.

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Custom graphic design helps your content stand out

The written word is powerful, but compelling graphic design allows your audience to spot your brand without even having to read a single word of copy.

You see graphic design wherever content can be found and is a top priority for marketers. Almost 75 percent of social media marketers use visuals more than blogs and even video.

Visual elements are so important because vision is one of our most powerful senses. According to Brain Rules, when people read text they remember about 10 percent of it three days later. When you add visuals, however, they remember about 65% of it.

You never know when a member of your audience is going to interact with your brand. Pairing engaging graphic design with your existing and future content can ensure your content stays longer in your audience’s minds.

Brandpoint’s content design services support your marketing efforts

Creating custom graphics to pair with your content requires a special skill set and a lot of time that most marketers don’t have.

Brandpoint’s in-house graphic designers specialize in infographic design, eBook and whitepaper layout and design, and custom blog graphics.

Whatever your graphic design needs, each project starts with a personal conversation with your designer to talk about the content, the concept and desired timeline. You can also work directly with your designer on two rounds of revisions, ensuring your content meets your internal quality standards.

No matter your content marketing goals, Brandpoint’s graphic design services can help you increase content engagement, boost your brand awareness and allow your brand to shine.

Ready to make a statement with your organization? Get started on a graphic design project today.

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