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eBooks and whitepapers cover specific topics or industries at length. They’re more in-depth than blog posts, making them a great way to develop your brand’s thought leadership.

eBooks and whitepapers are lead generation machines

Website traffic has long been the go-to metric when it came to successful content marketing. However, according to last year’s Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs study, the most important content marketing metric among B2B marketers now is sales lead quality.

A lead is someone whose demographics and online interaction with your brand matches those of an ideal client. The best way to encourage this interaction is content. The best way to track it is gated content.

eBooks and whitepapers are pieces of gated content that contain enough in-depth information that the reader is willing to exchange his or her name, email address and other info to receive access to the content.

A download is a signal that someone has taken a deep interest in what you’re talking about. Now that you have their information, you can add them to email lists and begin to nurture them with more content. Throughout this process, you can better determine their sales lead quality, and when it seems like they’re ready, sales can follow up with them personally.

How Brandpoint supports your lead generation goals

While these content assets are incredibly important (especially if you practice marketing automation), they often require significant time and money to create.

As experts in writing and designing quality content, Brandpoint supports you in every phase of eBook and whitepaper development. We’ll brainstorm with you, research, write, edit and design any gated content pieces for your website. If you have an existing piece, we can edit it for you or help you find ways to get it in front of a large audience. Or, we can start from scratch and create something new and original. If you don’t have any such content, we can get started at the very beginning and create assets from scratch.

Ready to drive more qualified leads to your website? Let us help. Brandpoint can start helping you turn your unique industry expertise into comprehensive gated content today.

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