Content Marketing Case Studies

Minnwest bank: content strategy case study

In a crowded financial services market, Minnwest Bank saw an opportunity to differentiate themselves as a thought leader, industry expert and community partner in agriculture banking. Few other banks placed much marketing focus on this less-than-sexy segment of banking, but the changing face of agriculture in America presented plenty of ideas and topics for great storytelling.

Content Strategy Case Study

The Quarrix team wanted to build a modern content marketing practice by focusing on two key audience segments. They had goals around brand building and creating a library of valuable content for these specific audiences that helped deliver confidence in their products and fostered brand loyalty and connection. 

Holiday Stationstores: Social media
case study

Holiday Stationstores was looking for a partner to help capture their trendy and fun brand look on their social media platforms in order to attract additional audiences and encourage engagement by their current followers. 

lead generation case study

Deluxe wanted help in delivering qualified leads at an accelerated pace to support their sales efforts during a recent campaign launch. Brandpoint was able to produce a high quantity of quality content in different formats to help Deluxe achieve amazing results for this campaign. 

Flint hill school: animated video case study

Being a trailblazer in education requires commitment and dedication from faculty, alumni, students and their families.  That’s exactly who Flint Hill School needed to engage when they chose to incorporate an animated explainer video into their campaign. The video needed to highlight Flint Hill School’s unique point of view and the variety of ways that community members could help to make a difference for students at their school.

Equals 3, llc:
Expert series Distribution
Case Study

Equals 3, LLC wanted to introduce their AI marketing tool, Lucy, to a broad audience. Their managing partner and founder, Dan Mallin, was the expert to bring Lucy’s benefits to a national business stage. The main goal of the campaign was to generate awareness by distributing a video to national news outlets and providing links to their employees to share on social media.

OCHS inc.:
Lead Generation Case Study

Ochs Inc. wanted to use content marketing to attract a very niche and qualified audience into their marketing and sales pipelines. Brandpoint helped to strategically position them as thought leaders on a trendy topic that resonated with their core audience persona. 

ACR Homes:
Employer Branding Strategy Case Study

ACR Homes supports individuals with unique healthcare needs throughout group homes in the Twin Cities area. ACR Homes had a unique need in that the traffic they were aiming to generate was not focused on lead generation. Rather, their main goal was employee recruitment. Brandpoint helped ACR with their employer branding strategy. 

Birchwood contract manufacturing: Web Design + SEO Case Study

Birchwood Contract Manufacturing was looking for a website update to modernize their user experience. Brandpoint worked with the marketing team at Birchwood to define a new navigation structure, highlight key content elements and bring their brand to life through new imagery and well defined call-to-action buttons throughout the site.

Digital Banking Services:
Content Development
Case study

The DBS team had recently built a completely new website for the Credit Union of Texas. The previous site had very little content to work with and the content that had been developed was not engineered with SEO impacts in mind. Brandpoint helped deliver a high volume of content in a short time frame. 

titus contracting: content strategy case study

Titus Contracting needed a new approach to organic traffic and social media engagement. Brandpoint’s content strategy helped refocus Titus’ approach to be positive and feature rich for the brand.

GravitY software: content strategy Case Study

Gravity Software is a cloud-based accounting platform for small to mid-sized businesses. Their marketing team realized that as a new product, they needed to generate more awareness and earn credibility among a very established market. They engaged Brandpoint to develop a focused content strategy that would deliver the visibility they were looking for as a new brand.

case study

Digi-Pet by Unisys is an app that uses IOT technology to allow pet owners to read sensors attached to a kennel during transit, so they always know where their pet is during their commute. A producer at a very popular national morning show saw the article and approached the client about featuring their product on the show featuring innovations in pet care.

Saturn Systems: content strategy case Study

Saturn Systems’ marketing team was overwhelmed and wasn’t able to publish blogs as frequently as they wanted. Additionally, they had undergone a site redesign and weren’t seeing the site numbers they were expecting, even with the new content. They engaged Brandpoint to help them bring structure to their marketing operations. 

nutrisource: content strategy Case Study

NutriSource was in the middle of rebranding and wanted to promote their focus on their relationship with brick-and-mortar stores. They asked Brandpoint to help them create a strategy to reach out to their consumer-focused audience that would be shopping in these stores. 

Wayside Recovery Center:
Content Strategy Case study

In an effort to launch a new outpatient treatment program exclusively for women, Wayside worked with Brandpoint to craft a marketing strategy and 30/60/90 content plan that speaks to this demographic of women in a way that resonates with them and removes barriers and the stigma around seeking services for better health.

Channel Partners Capital: content strategy case Study

Brandpoint helped Channel Partners Capital focus the content of their website and the audiences that matter to their brand by providing strategic content that would help educate their partners on selling working capital loans, while attracting repeat borrowers, as well.

G-Force Fulfillment: content strategy Case Study

Brandpoint worked with G-Force on brand positioning, tone and voice, audience analysis and message mapping to ensure G-Force’s brand value and services were conveyed to its target audiences clearly and effectively. 

Lockton Companies Inc:
Animated Video Content Case study

Lockton Companies Inc. partnered with Brandpoint to help tell their value story in a way that would resonate with broad audiences. Brandpoint worked to produce a video that could answer commonly asked questions in a short, easy to watch animated explainer video. 

Maxworth consulting group: content strategy case Study

MaxWorth Consulting Group worked with Brandpoint to help them capture more visibility amongst the niche searches that were already happening online, and to help deliver their content to new audiences that haven’t heard of MaxWorth Consulting before. 

Sam Richter: Bylined expert series case study

Sam Richter presents his customized high-content, extremely entertaining and motivational Sales Intelligence and Digital Reputation Management keynote presentations and workshop programs to organizations of all sizes. Sam partnered with Brandpoint to help amplify his personal brand through thought leadership with a bylined Expert Series article published on media sites like USA Today and LA Times.

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