Channel Partners Capital Uses A Content Strategy to Focus on Their Target Market

Improving the customer experience was the key to reaching their core audience.

Channel Partners Capital is a company that provides working capital loans to mid-sized businesses. Channel Partners Capital engaged with Brandpoint in December of 2018 to complete a content marketing strategy that would help them reach their audience via email at the right time and place with a simple, yet effective message. 

One of the challenges Brandpoint addressed was the perception that working capital loans have a negative reputation and offer less value than traditional capital funding options.

Additionally, Brandpoint helped Channel Partners Capital focus the content of their website and the audiences that matter to their brand by providing strategic content that would help educate their partners on selling working capital loans, while attracting repeat borrowers, as well.


Channel Partners worked with Brandpoint to completely overhaul their website to be more B2C facing vs. the current B2B and partner facing messaging. 

The scope included the development of a sitemap, over 20 landing pages (including wire frames and designs), web development for the full site, as well as optimizing and creating new content for the entire website.



In this iterative process, Brandpoint is continuing to create and present design concepts and copy development of Channel Partners’ new website.  

The client loves the new approach, as this change will bring their vision to life in a more modern, consumer-first way to create a better digital experience for online loan borrowers.

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