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Our Approach

GarageWowNow, an industry-supported public relations campaign designed to increase the sales of garage doors nationwide, needed some national exposure. Their primary challenge was to craft releases that capture the attention of editors across the country and get placements.

We partnered with their representative, Wadsworth Communications, and got to work.

Wadsworth supplied copy for the articles and Brandpoint edited all content and headlines and fine-tuned the message to maximize pickup.

“I’ve been a tough editor for 25 years,” says Wadsworth, “but Brandpoint’s editing staff is brutal, in a good way. They know what works, and they’re not afraid to re-work my text to make it appeal to editors and resonate with consumers.”


  • Generate national online distribution of GarageWowNow
  • Maximize print placements
  • Edit articles for maximum pick-up
  • Increase awareness of the GarageWowNow campaign

The Results

  • Articles averaged 1300 online placements
  • Articles averaged 63 print placements
  • 2.3 million total circulation and 36 million total audience
  • Online and print placements in leading news sites and dailies

In our seven years of experience with Brandpoint, every single contact with the company has been exceptional. They clearly want every word of our releases to be optimized for the best possible success. Plus, Brandpoint’s online reporting services are outstanding. At any moment, I can track the success of our releases with all print and online news outlets, along with complete clippings and publication details from these media channels.

– Tom Wadsworth, Wadsworth Communications

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