These 5 Marketing Messages Make The Best Infographics

Infographic marketing is booming in popularity, and for good reason. Well-constructed infographics are fun, thought provoking, easy to digest and visually pleasing. Infographics appeal to our visual tendencies, and in certain instances they can help you tell a story more clearly than you could with words alone.

We recently started offering infographic distribution as one of our services. By now, there’s a good chance that you’ve seen a handful of the infographics that have gone viral on the Web, and it might have you thinking about getting into the infographic marketing game yourself.

But before you start, it’s important to remember the content you package into an infographic still has to capture the reader’s interest. The pretty package alone won’t get people thinking and talking about your products.

Here are five content ideas that work best in infographic form:

1. Statistics

Contrary to popular belief, there is fun to be had with numbers. But stat-heavy written content doesn’t always work well in an article or a blog post. When you can paint an interesting and informative picture with the numbers, people are more likely to notice.

2. Timelines

Maybe you’re housed in a building that has a really interesting story that you’d like to share with visitors, but a written history isn’t always the most captivating thing in the world. Organizing that history by important milestones with accompanying images can help you tell your story in a more interesting and succinct way.

3. Illustrating a process

You might have a new or interesting product, but it’s really hard to explain how it works using only words. A mix of images and illustrations might help with the explanation.

4. Lists

Say you’re a travel agency and you want to tell a story about the seven most popular destinations for eco-vacations. An infographic might be a fun way to include a lot of attractive imagery and information about what makes each destination unique.

5. Making comparisons

Illustrating differences between different types of people or products is a fun topic for an infographic. Check out this infographic on Mac vs. PC users, shared by Hunch, an online recommendation company. If you have interesting data on hand about your customer base, you might be able to find an entertaining way to make these types of comparisons through an infographic.

While certain concepts lend themselves better to infographics, the bottom line is that you still have to ask yourself,  “Why would the average person be interested in this information?”And if you’re having trouble coming up with content ideas, there’s an infographic for that too, courtesy of the Content Marketing Institute.

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