The Secret to Creating Sharable Content

Time magazine recently named Kit Kat the “most influential candy bar of all time.” How did this particular bar beat out all the others? What special, secret ingredient does it contain? What sets it apart?

It’s sharable.

You can easily break one apart and hand a piece to a friend. This innovation, which allowed Kit Kat to launch in markets across the globe and conquer the world, is exactly the same quality that will make your content marketing initiatives successful. When readers see something they like – a photo, blog post or video – they will let their network know about it by tweeting, liking, +ing or pinning the item. The more sharable you can make your content, the more powerful your message will be.

We know people love kitties and news about Bieber, but what exactly is “sharable” when it comes to brand content? Here are some ways to make sure that your content is as sharable as possible, while still reflecting the personality of your brand.

Provide value

When it comes right down to it, the most basic reason people read and share content is because it has a value to them. Whether it reinforces their beliefs, helps them solve a problem, or entertains them briefly, information that readers pass along to their friends and business network must provide some benefit. Maybe it’s a plumbing tip that could potentially save consumers money, or an easier way to buy airline tickets. Every company has insider industry knowledge that consumers will find valuable.

A complete story

A fragment of information can’t stand on its own; your content must tell the whole story if you want someone to share it. Be sure to include enough background so that your blog post, video or photo will make sense when taken out of context. If your infographic isn’t self explanatory, or lacks some introductory copy, the content will be confusing to viewers when it’s forwarded. If you write a blog explaining a complicated issue, make sure to provide the framework and enough supporting information so that readers aren’t bewildered.

Something new

You may not have the latest tidbit about the royal baby, but any brand can provide followers with new information. Has there been recent legislation that will affect consumers? Let them know the most important way the change will impact them. Has your company recently developed a new service? Share how and why it will be important for users.


If someone “likes” your post or “favorites” one of your tweets, they are joining their reputation with yours. Make sure you’re producing the kind of high-quality content that will enhance the status of those who share it. If your brand’s information is considered to be reliable, well written and interesting, readers will be eager to disseminate it to their networks.

For more information on how to create shareable, high-quality content, get in touch with the experts at Brandpoint. They will share their knowledge along with some chocolate.

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