The Power of Diversification: What Marketers Can Learn from Financial Planners

When it comes to investing, it doesn’t matter if you’re navigating your first 401(k) or you’re a seasoned financial professional – one approach can benefit everyone: diversification. To grow your portfolio, you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket. By using different strategies, your money works for you in multiple ways, plus you always have a safety net in case one method doesn’t yield results as well as the others.

Simple, right? But wait, this isn’t a financial blog.

While this approach is closely associated with financial matters, it’s extremely beneficial when applied to marketing and communication strategy too. When planning public relations and content marketing, there’s no one-size-fits-all plan for success. Frankly, what speaks to me is likely different than what speaks to you. If you’re being too narrow-minded with your outreach, you might miss out connecting with key audiences. It’s time to diversify!

To reach a variety of different people you need a variety of different channels with which to communicate your targeted messages. A mainstay of the PR world is the syndication article, otherwise known as a mat release. In the past these articles appeared only in print media, but today they can be found online on hundreds of media sites in addition to hard copy editions of newspapers. They can help you to reach audiences in markets large and small, nationally and even internationally – a great way to diversify your message.

Mat releases have stood the test of time, but smart marketers know there are a lot of useful PR tools in their arsenal. In the past couple of years infographics have taken the Internet by storm. When done well, an infographic can be extremely powerful, providing important messages in an easy-to-digest format ideal for online readers. Infographics are a nice complement to a syndication article, allowing marketers to reach different types of readers as well as reinforce messaging to those who might see both.

Finally, one of the newest tools for communicating key messages pairs tasty tidbits of information with photos in a thematic, listed format: listicles. Yes its funny to say, but this strategy is no joke. When you blend short, potent copy with eye-catching imagery in a numeric list, its hard for readers to resist. A listicle is ideal for reaching online readers who want information quickly. The format can also be very entertaining and interactive – something marketers adore.

These three strategies are the perfect example of how marketers can diversify their outreach and capture the eye of numerous audiences. While one method might produce positive results, when used together, you have a winning strategy for growth – something that’s smart when it comes to your money and your company’s communication plan.

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