The Hunger Games: Can Your Content Survive in the Arena?

Has your content got what it takes to compete in a death match?

That’s what’s happening every day on Google, and only the fittest will survive. The content you post on your blog, website and social media networks must be smart and nimble to emerge victorious. And the competition gets stiffer every day.

The treacherous Panda takes no prisoners. If you want to be found and noticed online, make sure your content is designed for the task. Here’s how you can emerge a winner in the brutal online environment.

Keep moving.

If you stay camped in one area for too long you’re asking for trouble. Keep moving, avoid starting any fires, and you may survive longer. In other words, don’t let your online content stagnate. Continue to add to your blog regularly, update your website and find ways to frequently entice readers through social media. If you aren’t growing your site and keeping the content fresh, readers will lose interest, there will be less and less activity on your site, and search engines will begin to ignore you.

Be smart.

You need to rely on your wits if you’re going to beat the other competitors. You won’t be able to outrun them and sleeping in trees won’t protect you forever. At some point you have to get out there and compete. This means your content has to be smarter and more interesting than the rest. Well-written, valuable information will set you apart from the sea of generic, mediocre stuff floating around on the Web. What you put out there in the form of posts, updates and tweets is your brand, and you want it all to represent you in the best way possible. Make sure everything you produce is engaging and of the highest quality.

Know your weapons.

Is hand-to-hand combat your specialty or are you better with a bow and arrow? In order to be effective in a fight, you have to know what your strengths are. What is it that sets your company apart? What do you offer that no one else does? Your strengths are the powerful weapons you have at your disposal. Your content should highlight these attributes at every opportunity.

Ask for help from “sponsors.”

Some well-timed help from a “sponsor” can make all the difference in the world. In other words, know when to ask for assistance. If writing isn’t your core competency, find an experienced content marketing writer to help you out. Get SEO advice from an expert who can evaluate your website, recommend areas where you should add content and supply keyword advice. Make sure your site is professionally designed with the user in mind and will work with all devices. You can’t do it all. Identify the holes in your expertise and gather a team with the credentials that can help you win.

The competition is fierce, but with your finely tuned content, you’ll set the search engines on fire.

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