A Close Look at Writing Irresistible Product Descriptions

Writing a product description seems pretty straightforward. You post a handful of facts about the product you want to sell, check it for spelling and grammar, and you’re good to go, right?

That may be the route that many e-commerce product descriptions take. But it’s really a bare-bones approach that misses a huge opportunity.

Yes, product descriptions must be utilitarian and state factual information. But they also serve as the main way to sell a given product. With that in mind, a few seductive copywriting strategies can go a long way toward connecting with the emotional side of the reader while simultaneously providing the necessary information to guide their purchase decision. You also have to get people to your product description in the first place; this post on schema can help there.

Flow Keywords in Naturally

As you tackle a product description, be armed with keywords and remember to use them in a manner that flows naturally in the copy. Think about what the reader would want to know about the product with a focus on its benefits – writing this information will likely include those keywords organically. Additionally, use language your customers understand. Speaking in their words will boost engagement and typically increase conversion.

Add Some Creativity to the Mix

Next, approach writing the copy with a creative attitude. Seduce the reader by injecting sensory words in the description. The goal is to paint a picture and tell a story in a well-written, concise manner. If you can convey necessary information about the product while bringing it to life online, you’ll capture the consumer’s attention and be one step closer to a sale.  Remember, most product descriptions online are rather bland – this is your opportunity to stand out!

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