The State of Digital Marketing for the Manufacturing Industry: 2023 Research Report [Infographic]

The role of digital marketing in the manufacturing industry is undeniably challenging. Not only must marketers navigate the complexities of a niche subject matter with its unique pain points, but they must also stay ahead of ever-evolving industry and marketing trends. Creating compelling content and effective strategies requires immense effort in this field.

To shed light on the current state of digital marketing for manufacturing companies, we conducted extensive research. Our State of Digital Marketing for the Manufacturing Industry Research Report 2023 involved surveying over 200 marketers across organizations of various sizes and market presence. Through this study, we aimed to gain deeper insights into the challenges faced by these marketers, both from a company and marketing perspective. Additionally, we sought to uncover emerging trends and identify the most successful tactics employed by these professionals.
In collaboration with Drive Research, we embarked on a comprehensive examination of the current sentiments among manufacturing marketers. Presented below are the key findings we discovered.


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