Repurpose Your Content Marketing Strategy

For the last 20 years Hollywood has been governed by the three Rs: repeat, remake and repurpose. As a viewing audience we have been treated – or subjected – to any number of comic book, television show or novel adaptations as well as aging action heroes reprising roles from the VHS era. And while we throw up our hands at the latest blockbuster that has more sequels than Snow White had dwarves, there is practical business sense here, sense that is making the industry billions.

So how does any of this apply to a content marketing strategy?

It’s simple, Hollywood offers us the three Rs because they are proven commodities and safe investments. In the content marketing world, the safest investment you have is the content you’ve already created because it requires little time or financial expense on your end. Here are some tips to reuse and repurpose your existing content marketing materials with a little more tact and subtly than Tinseltown.

Breakup large content packages into smaller episodes.

Not even Indiana Jones could find the Lost Ark, the Temple of Doom, the Holy Grail and the Crystal Skull in the same movie. Instead Hollywood spread those adventures over four films (and a couple of decades). The same applies for content marketing. If the results of that large survey or that new whitepaper are finally here, don’t try to explain it all in one offering. You’ll only end up losing your readers or confusing them. Instead, break it down piece by piece across several offerings. You’ll provide your readers with easily digestible information and secure new material for your site in the process.

Bring content from other mediums to the written word.

Even though you read Batman comics as a kid and watched the television show in the 70s – don’t deny it – you still saw the films. Content marketing transcends mediums as well. If you have great information in a video or a PowerPoint presentation, break that content down into bite-size pieces and use it to fuel your blog. If the content already appears in the blog, reverse the process. You’ll reach different audiences and capitalize on the unique benefits of each medium.

Give an old blog a new look.

When King Kong climbed his way into the 21st century he did so in full color and with a decidedly different social message. Don’t be afraid to see if any of your past blogs have what it takes to deliver a new message all their own. Did you write a blog about an upcoming convention? Now it’s time to write blog about what you learned. Did you write a blog chronicling research data in 2011? How did that data change for 2012?

Approach your content with a repurpose plan in hand.

When Peter Jackson created his “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, he didn’t make the films one at a time and wait for the gate receipts. Instead he locked down his cast and location for all three films. As you approach your content marketing materials, plan ahead. Can the piece you’re writing now be repurposed as a video or PowerPoint? Is there an update waiting in the future? Is there a different opportunity? Approach each project with a plan for its life beyond the initial delivery and you’ll ensure your content makes efficient use of your time and money while maintaining that Hollywood feel.

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