How to Repurpose Content to Help Your Sales Team

One of the great things about content marketing for the B2B world is that it gives you so many assets that you can repurpose in different parts of your business. Since content marketing is a great driver of organic and social traffic, and that is where most of your potential prospects are, you can see how your sales team can better use the content you are producing to help them reach their goals.

Sales process, collateral pieces

Salespeople are having a variety of exchanges on a daily basis. These conversations are in tune with the content you are creating: to educate and influence the audience they are talking to.

Having an organized editorial calendar that you can share with your sales team will give them the ability to know what content has already been created and they can easily email their prospect with an “I thought this was relevant to your goals, needs, situation” message while providing a link to a blog post or article.

If you have Ebooks or white papers that you are using as a lead generation tools, those pieces are perfect to email to current prospects. It shows relevance and authority in a subject matter, plus it separates you from the competition that isn’t providing that type of valuable content.



It is important for every brand to be active on the social channels where your audience is, but your salespeople have different people in their network than the company has in its network. In fact, in most cases sales people have a large network than the company. That’s why you want your sales team sharing your social posts too!

In today’s marketplace most sales professionals are using LinkedIn and Twitter, to a smaller extent G+ and Facebook (depending on your audience). It sounds simple have your salespeople share the content you produce with their social followings. Unfortunately, most salespeople don’t sit down at their desk and think, “Now, what should I share socially today?” (at least not from a business perspective).

It will help to make an editorial calendar for your sales people to follow in sharing your social posts. Give them simple tips on how to share this content if they need that help. In a perfect world, send out an email once a week with the content they should share and on what platform it fits best on. If you have one salesperson that is doing this well, use him/her as an example.


Salesperson’s own knowledge base

How often do you hear, “I wish I knew more of the research, information, data, etc that helps show our value proposition.” This disconnect between marketing’s knowledge base and sales folks’ thirst for this information can be solved by having them read the content you are producing around subjects that are important to their business growth. The more they buy into the content the more they will email it, share it and use it on sales presentations.

Building a plan for your salespeople will make your content reach farther and drive more value into the organization. This will also help you show executive management how your content marketing strategy is not only driving web traffic, downloads and social discussion, but helping to drive expanded sales revenues.

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