Quality product descriptions generate web traffic, drive sales

Why a high-quality product description is important

When it comes to creating a product description for what you’re selling in the digital environment, quality matters. Duplicate content hurts search results (the search engines ignore you). Low-quality writing loses sales (prospects leave you for competitors with more helpful and compelling content).

Based on many conversations at the recent Internet Retailers Conference and Exhibition (IRCE), online marketers are realizing that high-quality product descriptions are worth their weight in gold. Brandpoint’s experienced, on-staff marketing writers are leading the content charge.

We know that creative, unique, benefit-oriented product descriptions help bring web traffic in and then close the sale with your best prospects – the ones that have gotten to a product page. We’re also easy to work with. You can talk directly to your assigned writer. And our industry-leading content marketing platform BrandpointHUB makes the creative and review process seamless and efficient for you.

Contact us today and find out more about Brandpoint’s quality focus on your product descriptions. If there’s gold there we’ll help you find it.

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