The First Question You Should Ask When Your Boss Yells: “We Need to Be On Facebook!”

The marching orders have been passed down and it’s imperative: “We need to be on Facebook!” While there will probably be myriad things that run through your mind, like “Why me?”, “Who has experience?” or “I thought that was for playing Farmville!”

Slow down, take a breath, regain your composure and ask “Why?” You can probably ask a little more tactfully than that, but you really need to understand why your company needs to be on Facebook. The best way to tackle this is by calling an exploratory meeting with stakeholders in the project. Make sure to get a representative from all potential resources, including development, writers and, of course, the boss man.

In addition to determining the overall goal of being on Facebook, I’d present you with the follow questions to help make your journey to Facebook a little less painful.

  • The goal – What is the overall goal of our Facebook page? What is the “why” of our presence there?
  • The budget – One of the largest mistakes companies make is thinking that because Facebook is free, they can develop a presence on zero budget. But if you want your page to look as professional as your website and attract existing and new customers, you need to budget for development hours, writers and potential “gimmicks”, like coupons and giveaways, to attract people.
  • The people – Who will be responsible for the page? You need to bring together resources from all parts of the company: development to build and maintain the page, writers to pump unique content in, marketing to come up with those great promotions, customer service to handle and react to negative and positive feedback on the page and the search team to help optimize and track results.

The more planning and buy-in you get up front, the more successful your venture into Facebook will be. So get people involved, document and set goals, get guaranteed resources and get the boss to understand the need for a realistic budget. Do that and everyone will “like” the experience!

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