Optimized For a New Year?

Why is it that New Year’s resolutions invariably become January’s forgotten promises?  Business professionals seeking new business lay out ambitious plans for market takeover but rarely invest all they can into their website platform.

Here are a few optimization trends to consider when planning for a big year in 2013.

Social media isn’t going anywhere.

The scoffers had their laugh when Facebook went public, but few would argue that moving forward, social media will play a larger role in how a company communicates with consumers.  The ability to publish website content and share it via LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter (to name a few) will create unique views and brand awareness among consumers new and old.

Google reigns supreme

The Internet giant continues to dominate the search engine landscape the way Ford’s Model Ts dominated the roads 100 years ago.  Google’s complex search algorithms continue to raise the bar on acceptable optimization strategy.  Gone are the days of duplicate content, scam links and static websites.  According to the Google Webmaster, traffic follows a website that regularly updates with unique content directed at consumers.

According to the Custom Content Council, a majority of companies now outsource their content creation.

The expectations to develop content via blog, video, social media, newsletter and articles are a lot to ask of a marketing team.  Don’t fall victim to a jack-of-all-trades syndrome expecting to master content and its many applications.  Investing in your company’s content is the surest way to meet resolutions for growth in 2013.

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