Newspapers are Surviving and Thriving

There is still only one way to increase brand awareness: expose your brand to as many people as possible, preferably in a positive way.

Over time, the ways in which brands have gotten their name in front of consumers and other businesses has continued to change. But for at least the last 100 years, the daily and community newspaper remains the primary method for raising awareness.

While many have said that print is not the place to market a brand, those statements are premature.  Much of the negative focus on the newspaper industry has been directed towards big dailies and other large publications. While it is true the trend for several years has been negative, large dailies make up only a small percentage of the total number of newspapers published in the U.S.

More than 80 percent of newspapers are non-daily papers — nearly 1,300 are published every day around the country.  These newspapers, primarily in print form, still reach more than half of American adults every day. And in many parts of the country, especially those outside of big metro areas, the local newspaper is still the only place to get community news.

The newspaper industry has taken many hits over the years from other media; it has always adapted and survived. This industry may never return to its former glory days, but it will always remain a major force in the way people gather and consume information.  As long as consumers continue to use newspapers in significant numbers, the print medium will remain a great way to increase awareness for brands.

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