National Day on Writing #WhyIWrite

This is the ninth year of celebrating the National Day on Writing (Friday, Oct. 20). It was founded by the National Council of Teachers of English to create attention around the importance of writing to develop literacy.

The website states, “… no matter who you are, writing is part of your life. It’s how you work, how you learn, how you remember and how you communicate. It gives voice to who you are and enables you to give voice to the things that matter to you.”

At Brandpoint, the National Day on Writing is a chance for us to recognize our talented team of writers who help bring our clients’ messages and stories to life. The stories we create do more than just share information about products. We aim to turn our clients’ brands into impactful storytellers that create authentic relationships with their customers.

The hashtag used for the National Day on Writing is #WhyIWrite, so we asked some of our writers and editors why they write, and to share their favorite author quote. Follow along for more quotes on Twitter @brandpointco. We’d also love to hear why YOU write!

Karla Wennerstrom

Karla is one of Brandpoint’s newest copy editors, but she comes to us with 20+ years of experience as a newspaper writer and editor. “I have always loved telling stories,” says Karla. “A career in writing and editing grew out of that love.”

Chris Schafer

Chris has been a senior writer with Brandpoint for 4 years and was previously a newspaper editor, as well as a marketing manager in the health care industry. Chris writes simply because, “I enjoy it and I’m good at it,” he says.

Kate Ankofski

Kate will soon hit her 1-year anniversary with Brandpoint as a copy editor. Before she joined the team, she spent 10 years in the book publishing industry. Kate writes to “make sense of the thoughts in my head, just as I edit to make sense of the words in others’ heads.”

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Evelyn Pimplaskar

Evelyn’s chosen quote is not by a famous author, but rather by someone who greatly impacted her. “You won’t find this one on a Google search, but it’s something my first great mentor told me when I was a beat reporter fresh out of college,” she says. “His name was Bob Eisler, and he was the former managing editor of the Philadelphia Bulletin. It really summarizes the reverence I, as a writer, hold for the written word.”

Evelyn is a senior writer and has been with Brandpoint for 12 years. Previously, she held several writing and editing positions in the newspaper business, was VP of a boutique PR agency and also founded her own PR agency. “Nothing is more satisfying than putting words together in such a way that they spark something for a reader,” says Evelyn. “It’s like creating the perfect puzzle from scratch, but it’s a puzzle that entertains, informs or educates — and hopefully makes a memorable difference to the person who reads it.”

Laura Malm

Laura is a senior writer and has been with Brandpoint for 11 years. Before she joined the team, she was a newspaper reporter and worked as a public relations professional at various PR firms. Laura writes “to tell compelling stories that have impact.”

Michelle Miron

Michelle has been a senior writer at Brandpoint for 2 years. She has 25 years of experience as a newspaper writer and editor, both as a staffer and freelancer. Michelle says that writing “is one of the few valuable career skills that seem to come naturally to me. I love how I lose myself in my writing, then look up and three hours have gone by without my noticing.”

Jodi Rogstad

Jodi has been a senior writer at Brandpoint for almost 2 years. Previously, she worked as a newspaper reporter and editor for 16 years. “I write to clear the clutter and I write to understand,” says Jodi.

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