Mobile Is Driving Purchase Decision Making

Why should you care about mobile? Because it’s driving more and more web purchases.  So what new trends and statistics are out there?

Several big name publications predicted an increase in mobile use for 2014 as an increasing number of consumers were ditching their desktops in favor of relying on their tablets and phones for everyday use. This mobile adoption causes an “always on” effect, meaning, the Internet is always a touch or click away, causing consumers to have an increase in purchasing capability.

This week, a study released by the Path to Purchase Institute stated that 42 percent of survey takers felt mobile was most important resource in their purchase decision-making. While using mobile exclusively is still in minority, one-third of survey takers is still a large portion and an audience marketers need to be catering to.

However, the era of physically going into a store is still very much alive. With mobile consumers looking to make purchase decisions quickly (within the day) and locally (within 5 miles of their current location), mobile also serves as a tool to drive in-store activity through offering easily accessible price comparison information, deals and coupons, reviews and contact information. Mobile is highly influential in the beginning phases of decision making, often being used as a research tool in addition to purchasing agent. Read: it can make the difference between a consumer entering Williams-Sonoma to buy a new coffee maker or Sur La Table.

Soon, it will not be enough to solely have a desktop website, or a mobile site or app that is not user friendly. Consumers want informative content readily accessible at their fingertips when it comes to mobile purchase decisions, and they want it now. With high mobile to store, and store to mobile conversion rates it’s in the best interests of marketers to start gearing up for this up-and-coming breed of consumer.

For further information on the topic, we’ve included some articles to other sources discussing the rise of the mobile consumer, and the Path to Purchase Institute study.

Path to Purchase Institute

Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Watch


Curve Communications

Marketing Land

Corporate Eye


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