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How This Martech Startup Saved Time on Content Production

A startup company’s blog has the power to build industry credibility, improve search engine ranking, demonstrate thought leadership to potential customers and employees, and create a social media buzz when they need it most.

However, team members must wear multiple hats to get a company up-and-running. It’s tough to find time to create blogs and other content (including emails, e-books, case studies, etc.), let alone establish a reliable process that makes production quick and easy.

That’s why BrandpointHUB was developed. As a content marketing platform, BrandpointHUB takes the frustration out of the content production process—eliminating the hiccups in workflow, communication, content management, reviewing and publishing.

As a cloud-based tool, the entire team can access and work on content from anywhere at any time. All conversations about content are held right in the platform.

We found that these shortcuts save teams an average of 74 minutes per piece of content, which is especially helpful for startups such as martech business Equals 3.

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Content creation shortcuts for startups

Equals 3 is a martech startup (and recent winners of AdAge’s Creativity Award for Best AdTech!) based in Minneapolis. They created Lucy, the IBM Watson-based cognitive companion to the marketing professional.

To create awareness and drive demand across the Fortune 1000 and the agencies that serve them, Equals 3 relies heavily on marketing automation and content marketing.

With a rapidly growing business, each team member needs to wear multiple hats and move at lightening speeds.

But with so many other tasks to focus on, creating, reviewing and editing content became a clunky and time-sucking process.

Streamlining communication

Internal communication was the team’s main challenge. With so many Word documents being exchanged through email, it was easy to lose track of new versions and what edits were made.

BrandpointHUB helped organize the process. Using workflow templates, Lisa plans each step of the content creation process, from assigning who writes and edits, to who is responsible for publishing.

“With BrandpointHUB, I don’t need to send emails notifying my team when I assign tasks – and any email I don’t need to send means time saved,” says Lisa.

Lisa can also view the project’s development, such as who is currently working on the piece and how much progress has been made. Using BrandpointHUB’s Comments feature, the entire team can also brainstorm and exchange feedback without having to keep track of email chains.

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Easy review system

But Lisa says that the review function is the platform’s sweet spot, which allows her to view and edit each draft, all in one place.

“Before, we had to make sure two people didn’t make changes at the same time or that someone didn’t turn off track changes within a Word doc,” she says.

BrandpointHUB has helped shave valuable time off the review process, and now Lisa doesn’t need to make line-by-line comparisons of multiple drafts.

Total transparency

BrandpointHUB’s transparency solves the gaps in communication so that the team can focus more on content and strategy, rather than on the minutiae of the editorial process.

In fact, the platform was so valuable to Equals 3 in the blog-publishing process that they now use BrandpointHUB to develop product sheets, press releases, speaking abstracts and more.

“BrandpointHUB has completely changed the way we create and edit content,” says Lisa. “Everyone from the marketing team to our executives have gained critical time back since implementing BrandpointHUB.”

Want to save time on content production? Try BrandpointHUB free for 14 days.

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