Jargon is Killing Your Ability to Connect With Readers

Business Jargon Monoxide

Acronyms. Technical terms. Industry speak. You’re an expert in your field, and because you can walk the walk, you sure can talk the talk.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean your target audience can.

Content marketing allows you to make an authentic, meaningful connection with key audiences, but if your copy is full of buzzwords and business jargon, you’ll quickly kill this amazing opportunity (we like to call this “jargon monoxide”).

It can be a lot like going on a first date. You want to make a great first impression, so you tell stories about your profession and use what you feel are fancy words so you seem successful and important. While you think everything is going along swimmingly, your date is hearing this.

At best, the person sitting across from you is bored. At worst, you’re making him or her feel ignorant. Either way, you’re not getting a second date.

Keep It Simple

Because you don’t want to lose your readers, it’s important to limit your use of jargon and tech talk as much as possible. Remember, the best way to demonstrate your expertise is to be able to explain complex topics in a simple manner. The test: If your mother can read it and know what you’re talking about, you’re doing great.

Simple writing is incredibly powerful. Concise sentences that connect with readers’ experiences are always going to resonate. If you need to use a complex term, define it or spell it out. Just use plain English!

Of course, if you’re having trouble, you’re not alone. Communicating without jargon can be particularly difficult for B2B operations. If you’ve hit a road block and are unsure of how to communicate your messages effectively, I know a ton of great Brandpoint writers who would love to help.

Remember, corporate jargon has its place, but it’s not at the head of the content marketing table.

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