Is Your Online Content Scannable?

When browsing blogs, web content, or online news articles, do you catch yourself scanning the text to find the most relevant information that fits your interest? Instead of reading the wordy parts do you become selective, only taking pieces that grab your attention? Sometimes I get distracted by other blog posts on the page, tabs, or ads while reading online content which often pulls me away from the message I intended to read.

Among online readers, statistics show that 4.4 seconds is spent reading for every 100 words included in the content.

Distraction is an obstacle and clear, simplistic content is key when it comes to online content.

How to make your post scannable:

  • Headline/Photo:  One of the best ways to build your post to have the most attention grabbing power is to include a catchy headline & photo. These two components are the first impressions of the post and stick out the most to those scan-readers out there.
  • Bullets or Numbering:  This helps keep your post clean and organized. If the reader chooses to skip or scan the first paragraph, they probably read your list and got the point of the post.
  • Bold your main points.  Something you may not want to do too often or your readers will get tired of it. If you want to emphasize a point in the middle of a longer paragraph, you can make it bold.

There are other techniques for making a post scannable, but you get the idea. Have fun and experiment with this to find what works best for you and your readers.

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