5 Ways to Improve Your Social Sharing

Social media is an important tool in content marketing for promoting blog articles – but you already knew that. Most companies are now on board with using social media, and it’s no secret that posting updates can help expand your audience. The real secret is the strategy behind social media and how to use it more effectively. Follow these five tips to improve your social sharing and gain more readers.

Tailor posts to match the media

Each social media platform has its own set of unwritten rules that users follow when creating posts. While Tweets tend to be more casual and humorous at times, networks like Facebook are a little more formal. Get familiar with each social media network that you use so you can match the tone and style that is generally accepted among users.

Share at optimal times

There’s been a lot of conflicting research on the best times to share content, but you can determine the optimal times for your specific audience simply through trial and error. Share the same post on the same network at different times to see when users are more likely to engage. There are also tools you can use such as Followerwonk that will help you determine the best time to Tweet.

Post content more than once

There’s no rule that says you can only share content once on each social network. If you post your blog article multiple times, you’ll boost traffic and reach those who live in different time zones. You can even post old content that performed well once more after you’ve gained more friends or followers.

Perform A/B testing

Trial and error is not only useful when determining the best times to post content. It’s also useful when crafting your social posts. Each time you share content more than once on the same network, write up a different post to see if certain language or strategies work better on your target audience. When performing A/B testing, keep in mind of other factors such as time.

Ask audience for feedback

When sharing a blog post, ask your users to tweet or comment sharing what they thought. This will help you determine whether you’re sharing content that your audience actually wants to read. You can even ask users for ideas regarding what to write about in the future.

Can your social sharing strategy be improved? Look for ways to incorporate these tips into your current strategy so you can reach a wider audience and boost readership.


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