How to Make Your Website Unforgettable Through Images, Photos, Videos and Infographics

Is that a surfboard mounted to his motorcycle? Have his biceps been, enhanced? Did someone Photoshop Mel Gibson’s head from the movie “Braveheart” onto some guy’s body!?

No, this photo isn’t an advertisement for another comic book blockbuster. But it probably did capture your attention.

Attracting an online audience is no small feat, and one great way to capture and hold someone’s attention online is with a really good image.

On my 11 mile commute to work this morning I saw a total of 49 billboards. Not surprisingly, 45 of them included a photographic image. The number of photos online is even more overwhelming.

Not everyone has professional photography equipment or a surfing muscle man as a coworker. The good news is your web images will not be printed to billboard size; state-of-the-art cameras won’t be necessary.

Incorporating high-resolution photos into your website content is increasingly easier as prices drop and camera technology improves.

The most effective way to create professional looking photos is to make sure the subject is well lit and to hold the camera still. “Photo noise,” the grainy look or blurriness in a photo is usually caused by low light or movement with the camera.  A mounted camera and sunlight are an amateur’s two best friends.

Remember the motorcycle surfer? Good. How many photos can you remember from websites you were on earlier today or even yesterday? Jakob Nielsen, author of numerous design and user interface books, has found through eye tracking studies that stock footage is most often intentionally ignored by the user. Good web content should not be static or monotonous. Photos on your website or on a social media platform are great opportunities capture attention and display your brand’s unique culture.

After you’ve taken a photo you feel comfortable sharing, compress it to a JPEG format. JPEG is a universal file format that will retain the photo’s quality while shrinking it to a size that won’t slow down your website. A vast majority of digital cameras automatically capture images in the JPEG format.

The right photo can help you attract an audience. Coupled with professionally written content, good images can effectively articulate your brand’s identity and keep more visitors engaged with your site for a longer time.

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