How to Know When to Launch Your Mat Release

As I watched the Olympics this winter, it was easy to see that timing was everything. The accuracy needed to win the gold in a skeleton race is astounding.  Thankfully, your efforts to achieve success in the world of mat release distribution will require a little less precision.

“When should I launch my mat release?” It’s a question that needs to be answered for every campaign. The key is to consider when an editor will need your story.

Most papers offer readers special tabs that feature holiday or seasonal content at certain times throughout the year. Think Thanksgiving, Christmas, summer travel or back-to-school. Staff editors generally begin putting the special sections together about one month prior to publication.

Most editors need extra content to include in these special tabs, and they often check out what Brandpoint has to offer. In fact, Brandpoint manages a detailed editorial calendar that is designed to coincide with the needs of publications, with special categories that launch each week.

What if your story can’t be perfectly timed with Brandpoint’s calendar? Well, we distribute your mat release for 4 months. We don’t expect perfect accuracy from you! And remember, if the category is spring lawn and garden, spring comes earlier in Texas than it does here in Minnesota. Editors will be able to pick up that content and print it when it meets the needs of their readers.

Bottom line: Better to be early than late.

But remember: Last minute timing won’t work for print pick-up!  Editors need time to put their special sections together. When your content won’t be ready until the last minute, online distribution is the best option and makes for a timely story for readers.

Even in article distribution, timing is important. I’m just thankful we have a little more leeway than a skating pair trying to land a double twist.

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