How to Develop Blog Content: Tap Your Well of Topic Ideas

You hear it all the time: “Keep your website updated, create compelling content, make it useful to readers, keep it timely and make it fresh.” But coming up with hundreds of topics can be daunting and without the right tools, it may feel impossible. Within any industry, there are countless topics to write about, you just have to dig deep in order to hit the well.

If your brainstorming session needs a jolt, look to some new inspiration for blog content:

Don’t shy away from controversy

Playing it safe won’t bring about change, so stick your neck out there and take a risk. Just remember to stay tactful and be ready to stand by your statements. Think about opposing viewpoints and play devil’s advocate with yourself to address possible questions or concerns. It will most likely get you some attention and open up a wealth of topics.

Don’t limit yourself to the here and now

Look ahead to the future. Make predictions, make suggestions and voice your wishful thinking – however unlikely it may feel. No one wants to be left out of the loop on what the industry forecast is.

Become an expert

Scan the news, subscribe to alerts, read industry forums and interview experts. Look at case studies and other industry blogs to get ideas as well. If you’re not starting the conversation, you can at least join it.

Answer the tough questions

If there is a question or topic that other industry players are too afraid to touch or don’t want to expose, go for it! Chances are people are searching for those answers and you will become the go-to source for solutions, and a trusted name.

Get personal

If you have a personal story that industry peers can relate to, by all means share it – but stay relevant. Everyone needs a good laugh or a cautionary tale every now and then, and best of all, these kinds of posts are unique and add personality to your site.

Although not everyone can create a plot as riveting as Breaking Bad, which has followers itching to get answers, you can create a stream of topic ideas that will engage your audience. If you’re having trouble starting your brainstorming session, listen to music, go for a walk, or look at a few inspiring pictures to refresh your mind. And no matter where you go, make sure you have something on which to jot down a good topic idea. You never know where inspiration will hit now that so many doors have been opened for you.

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