How the Super Bowl Proved Twitter’s Social Dominance

The Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers weren’t the only two organizations battling for a vaunted position Sunday evening; American marketers took center stage as well, all clamoring for the public’s attention. But how were we to debate which ads we liked? Enter Twitter.

Matt McGee from Marketing Land tracked all 52 nationally televised commercials during the Super Bowl for any and all social media mentions. Any commercial that included the presence of a hashtag, Twitter logo/company handle or URL to a company’s Twitter profile was labeled as a mention for Twitter. The same criteria were used to label Facebook, Google+, Instagram and YouTube mentions.

Of the 52 nationally televised commercials, 26 included a Twitter mention, compared to only four Facebook mentions and only one mention for Instagram and YouTube. Google+ wasn’t mentioned once.

In last year’s Super Bowl, Facebook and Twitter tied with eight mentions apiece. The significant increase in Twitter’s mentions for 2013 and brands’ efforts to drive engagement on this platform is due, in large part, to Twitter becoming the fastest growing social platform in the world. An astonishing 21 percent of the global Internet population uses Twitter actively on a monthly basis. Live events spike engagement levels for Twitter users and the Super Bowl is always one of the largest live events annually. It’s a perfect match between marketers and the growing social media platform.

But how can Twitter help you boost your content and online presence? From the second quarter of 2012 to the fourth quarter, Global Web Index studied the most common Twitter user’s behavior on the platform. Top behaviors included: posting positive comments about a company or product, using an app created by a brand or company, sharing videos, asking for advice on products with interest in buying them and sharing a link to an article. All these behaviors can positively affect your business and your content marketing efforts.

It is essential to prominently present your social media channels on all your featured content throughout your website, brochures, e-mails, magazines or anything your customers see.

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