Have You Watered Your Blog Lately?

We are all reaping the benefits of the late summer harvest right now. Even a condo dweller like me, who doesn’t have a garden and wouldn’t know a weed from a carrot top, gets wonderful free vegetables from friends and coworkers who have put in the hours tending their city plots.

But what if you just planted a garden and then forgot about it all summer?

That’s what happens when your social media efforts aren’t anchored with a blog. If your Facebook page or occasional tweets aren’t linked to other social media, your communication plan will just sit there getting dry and full of weeds, and the rabbits will have a field day.

With proper care and tending, all of your social media efforts can sustain and fuel each other.

But you can’t just sit back and hope for rain.

A cohesive social media campaign builds on itself, by engaging readers through many channels, bringing more customers to your website, and getting more of your message out there. A blog is at the very center of this.

Mentioning new blog posts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can get your ideas out to more people, and at the same time keep those channels active and growing. It will also encourage readers to visit your site, and perhaps join the conversation. Your blog
(and conversation around your blog) can also help fuel content for your newsletter, YouTube and future blog posts.

You just started with a simple blog post and now you’ve got a conversation on your hands that will not only provide ideas for more content, but will allow you to engage with your customers, gather their ideas and respond to their concerns through a number of channels. You can use that knowledge to make your product or service even better, and it will in turn make your blog better as well.

It’s amazing what you can accomplish when your social media efforts are anchored in the “good soil” of a blog, allowing your communications to grow and thrive in a number of ways. Now get out there and do some watering.

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