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Have a Highly Regulated Health Care or Pharma Client? We Have You Covered

If you’re involved in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, you are all too familiar with the many regulations surrounding any type of external communication. From stringent FDA requirements, extensive important safety information (ISI) and lengthy legal reviews, developing any type of outreach is a complex task.

If you love the idea of mat releases, but don’t have the editing flexibility to follow AP style or develop an evergreen, lifestyle-oriented article. Before you dismiss mat release services altogether, you might be interested to learn that Brandpoint has a special network ideal for health care and pharma clients.

Brandpoint’s Health Information Network

Our Health Information Network was developed to meet the regulatory and compliance requirements of the health industry. You’ll get national print and online distribution on a customized network of media outlets. Your copy and formatting will be presented precisely as required. You even get a guaranteed 400 online placements.

Includes specialized content and unique formatting

Because this is a special distribution network, you can include things like copyright symbols, italics and even ISI information.  You simply send us your final copy and we format to your exact specifications. It’s that easy.

Infographic options now available

Recently, we expanded our Health Information Network services by adding an infographic option. If you have a compelling infographic that helps communicate your health-related message, we now give it the exposure it deserves. We take infographics in JPG, PNG or PDF at a minimum of 600 pixels wide, with no length restrictions.

Have a final, legal-approved version of a health care press release or pharma article? Itching to get that great infographic out on the Web? We’ll give it the exposure you want while complying with the regulatory requirements you need.