Harnessing the Power of the Written Word

The power of the written word can go a long way. Words can move people to emotional tears or uproarious laughter. Words have inspired people to join a movement. Words have even influenced people to purchase something they may or may not have wanted.

But words only have this power when they’re well written. If readers stumble over poor grammar or misspellings, the communication is broken and the message is lost. This is why it’s so important to have quality writing when creating content marketing messages to promote company products and services.

The hard truth is that not everyone has the ability to put a handful of words together to build a sentence, paragraph or even a full essay that has the power to move people. This is where hiring content writers with experience in journalistic writing becomes essential. Journalists have experience and extensive training in communicating messaging, both promotional and non promotional, and are skilled at developing language suited for specific audiences.

Quality writing is about more than grammar and spelling. What else is involved?


Does the message you want to write about make sense, before you even try to put words to paper? If it takes five minutes to explain your messaging to someone, then you’re not going to have any success writing about it.


Identify your audience. Are you writing to the parents of high school students about a new electronic device you want teens to use, or are you writing to the teenagers themselves? Pick one audience, and stick with it.

Action words

The best way to motivate a reader is to eliminate to-be verbs (has been is one commonly used) and include action words encouraging your readers to do exactly what you want them to do.

Tight and concise

Some people believe that fluff makes for better writing. But I argue that readers are too busy these days to stick around and wade through the fluff. Instead get to the point right away and say what you want to say.

Brandpoint content creation editors are all journalistically trained, and many are former reporters and editors for magazines and newspapers. They’re ready to give you quality content on target and on time, without any fluff.

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