3 Reasons FAQs Make Ideal Evergreen Website Content

The most important word in the acronym FAQ ‒ especially when it comes to creating evergreen content for your website or blog – is the first one. Dedicating blogs and other content to  frequently asked questions about your business will pay off for many years to come, as consumers access your content again and again for answers to the natural inquiries they have.

Why are FAQs such an important tactic for your content strategy? Three reasons come to mind.

FAQs shape content that people interested in your business will want to read

Consumers are  already searching for the information, after all. But just having a FAQ page on your website isn’t enough. Engage your website visitors or draw more of them in by blogging about your FAQ topics.

For example, say you’re a financial business that provides investing services. You probably have a page dedicated to each of the services and explaining them. You hopefully also have a FAQ page dedicated to providing short snippets about terms and services. If you write a blog sharing a personal story, experience or situation related to the service and terms found on your FAQ page, you can capture a whole new audience actively searching online for that information.

More people on your website can quickly turn into more business for you, and a quick payoff for the investment you made in developing that content.

FAQs are evergreen content

This fact alone gives the blogs you create about FAQs extended credibility to the search engines. The result? The information is easily available to the readers keyword-searching for it. Has it been a couple of years since you blogged about your financial services? You’re due for a repeat. Just be sure to give the topic a fresh angle, and a link back to your FAQ page and your services page.

 FAQs create a plethora of angle ideas

In the financial example above, we mentioned using personal experiences to provide the answer to a question. Other ideas include relating the topic to the current season, connecting your FAQ discussion to a local or national event happening in the news, or giving real-life examples your readers can use and apply to their own lives. Each angle has the opportunity to bring in new readers, again resulting in the potential for new clients.

You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to create evergreen content using FAQs for your website and blog. One last piece of advice is to post your FAQ blogs over several weeks, giving your blog a natural look to anyone following your posts.


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