Embrace Content Now or You’ll End Up Like Blockbuster: S.O.L.

In a long-awaited announcement Dish Network, which bought Blockbuster in 2011, decided to close the chain’s roughly 300 remaining stores in the United States and abandon its distribution centers facilitating the DVD-by-mail service. Once Netflix introduced its streaming service Blockbuster’s days were numbered. The faltering chain watched consumers, in an industry it once dominated, change behaviors and adopt an easier method of binge TV and DVD watching.

Blockbuster tried to save itself by emulating Netflix’s DVD-by-mail and streaming services as well as introducing standalone kiosks like Redbox, but to no avail. The has-been, movie-renting giant fell victim to a more convenient, immediate and personal movie-watching experience and despite attempts, couldn’t retain customers by offering a similar service.

Although content was never going to save Blockbuster, producing content has been, and is currently, benefiting companies across all industries. But like Blockbuster, if you’re late to the content party or are producing lackluster content, your chances of infiltrating the online population through the power of content marketing will be exceptionally difficult for both B2B and B2C businesses.

The way people access content is changing and the volume of content people are willing to consume has exploded. Google’s Zero Moment of Truth study found consumers in 2010 referenced 5.3 web sources while making a purchasing decision. Just a year later in 2011 consumers, on average, referenced 10.4 web sources while researching a product or service.

In 2013, 56 percent of American adults own a smartphone and are capable of looking up information about products and services anywhere. What does this mean? If you’re not providing your audience with readily available, engaging and helpful content you’ll end up watching your company as it fades into the digital distance, far away from the rapidly growing online population.

Mobstac, an India-based company, creates and manages mobile websites and apps for Android, iOS and Windows8 smartphones and tablets. They produce a blog on their website detailing trends in the mobile industry and tips and strategies for entering the mobile realm. Their content is extremely helpful for businesses. Here’s a post on how mobile can help travel companies engage their customers. And another showcasing five tips to make sure users love your app.

Unfortunately, producing helpful content isn’t a new phenomenon and several businesses have been doing it for years. Many of these digital marketing mavens are enjoying the rewards produced from an early adoption of content marketing. Several are, and will be, ranked at the top of search engines for years to come as well as consistently have the highest trafficked site in their respective industry (so long as they keep producing thoughtful and share-worthy content). These luxuries can be directly linked to an increase of brand awareness, lead generation and customer acquisition. Thankfully, anyone can obtain these riches by producing content your audience will love and can’t live without.

At Brandpoint, a dedicated strategist and writer structure and produce content on all content marketing projects. Our goal is to help grow your business, satisfy your customers’ questions, wants and needs and extend your reach through informative, relevant and supportive content.

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