Content Marketing Evolves Again: SMX East 2013

As you look at today’s SEO landscape, you’re dealing with a moving target. Simply put, it changes fast and often! That became super clear at this year’s SMX (Search Marketing Expo) East Conference, held in New York City September 30 – October 2.

The biggest changes have evolved around content itself, its importance, and how much value it has to the overall health of any website. Attendees at the SMX conference wanted to have relevant conversations about where the content industry is going and how can they be proactive leaders with the content they produce.

I saw this time and time again during the three days Brandpoint was in New York City talking to a variety of companies and industry professionals. It made for a great conference because everybody we visited with had a plan, direction and destination, and were looking for the best way to navigate their way there.

I noticed 2 major themes that related to our conversations and the content needs of the people we were fortunate enough to meet.

  • When hiring a vendor to help you produce content, you need to have access to the writer you are working with and build a relationship with them.

Google has been telling and showing us with the Hummingbird update that the quality of your content is essential. But what does “quality content” mean?  You need to be consistently producing content that means something to your audience and adds value. If you produce content just for the sake of keyword, you will not see a return on that content investment.

  • When hiring a vendor to help you produce content, you must also consider workflow to ease and streamline the content review, editing approval and posting processes.

We discovered that many people are spending more time managing the content they are receiving than it would take them to write it themselves! Find a content marketing company that creates the content you need while also making it easier for you to approve, edit, and publish the content you need to power your site. After all, you’re in this to SAVE yourself work and BUILD your page count of quality content.

As content marketing becomes a necessity and not a luxury in your overall marketing plan, online marketers are going to need writing resources that they can trust to really “nail” the voice and tone of their brands, while making the process smooth and easy. Brandpoint content solutions address these essential factors in telling your story and educating your target audience about the value your products or services provide.

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