5 Questions to Answer When Working with a Content Agency Writing Team

Search engines are on the hunt for original, relevant and informative content. But who has the time, energy or capacity to create it? A content agency writing team does!

Leveraging the power of a team of writing pros is one of the best decisions you could make for your content marketing plan, but it’s important to remember you’ll be working collaboratively. Make sure you give your writing team all the tools they need to succeed in your eyes.

Here are some key questions you should be able to answer when they start digging in:

What makes your products and services unique and better?

While an agency writing team features a crew of content experts, you are the one who knows the ins and outs of your business best. Provide your writer with all the information they’ll need to write a piece of content that meets your quality standards. Allow your writer to become immersed in your business, becoming an extension of your team. Treat them like an equal, a partner. They need to know what you know.

What voice and tone do you want to achieve?

Every company or brand has its own standards when it comes to voice and tone. Is yours more conversational and fun? Or maybe it’s formal and informative. It helps to provide your writer with examples of existing content that you like, or other content with a tone you want to emulate. If you can provide branding guidelines, even better.

What keywords are important to you?

For optimization’s sake, your writer will need to know which keywords are important to you and your content. Give your writer a list of words that are important to include. Optionally, content agencies such as Brandpoint can provide you with a content strategy that includes keyword details.

Where will this content live and who will be reading it?

Your writer will be able to write a better piece of content if they know where it will eventually end up. Is this a blog post or an article going on your website? Or is it a white paper or e-book you’ll use to generate downloads and leads, or perhaps send directly to prospects? This is critical information that your writer needs to know.

What are your ideas, topics or angles for the content?

Compelling content stems from great ideas and insightful writing instructions. As much as they try, your writers won’t be able to read your mind. In the beginning, be as comprehensive as possible when giving direction. Over time, your writer will come to understand your expectations, and will need less and less instruction. Then they should be bringing the ideas to you!

Working with a content agency writing team is a collaborative process. If everyone does their part, you’ll be on your way to creating outstanding content that will drive traffic to your website and engagement with your brand.


For more insights on working with content agencies, see our companion post on hiring a social media agency.

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