5 Predictions: What Does Content Marketing See in Your Future?

Content Marketing Predictions

As the crowd breaks out in “Auld Land Syne,” your personal resolutions for 2015 aren’t the only things that will shape the way the next year plays out.

Sure, you should probably floss more and say goodbye to those bad habits you’ve been trying to kick. But back in the professional realm, there will be plenty of new trends popping up to compete for your attention. To stay ahead of the pack, you will need to quickly pick up on those hot topics as soon as they come across your radar.

The world of content marketing world lives in an ever-changing landscape. The standards and trends are constantly shifting, and from time to time the best practices may feel like a moving target. But in a digital industry, that can prove to be beneficial because companies are constantly following the shifting behaviors and preferences of their target audiences. The real challenge lies in pinpointing these trends before they make it big so you are not  the last one to the party.

Each year there is a buzz about what the upcoming trends could be. Quite a few of the predictions seem to have some common sense behind them, while  others are pretty far-fetched. But with over half of B2B marketers planning on increasing their content marketing budget in 2015, there is no doubt that the industry as a whole will continue to grow.

Here are five predictions for what you will see more of in 2015:

An increase in white papers

Consumers are craving in-depth content. White papers deliver it in an official-looking and reputable presentation that doesn’t look like marketing.

Big data will start to replace contact forms

No one likes filling out forms on websites, and marketers see that tangible resistance. While big data can be controversial, it can also help to fill the void of collecting buyer information.

A focus on analytic reporting

The importance of knowing how to both measure and optimize analytics will no longer take a back seat. Bottom line: Don’t just “do,” you must “analyze” too!

Mobile will continue its rise to the top

With the dropping price of tablets and e-readers, more people will have access to mobile devices. This will continue to push up those ever-increasing mobile-usage numbers.

Visual storytelling takes the cake

More consumers are looking for videos and online seminars. Infographics also grab some limelight again, with the greatest increase in usage from 51 percent in 2013 to 62 percent in 2014 – and that is expected to grow even more in the new year.

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