3 Essential Research Tools to Help Build Your Buyer Persona

Whether you’re a new company looking to expand or a well-established brand, the success of your business depends on how well you know and relate to your customers. Knowing those customers intimately – through a Buyer Persona — is essential for creating your content messages.

But defining a Buyer Persona isn’t easy. You need information, and a lot of it.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Who are my buyers?
  • What is driving their behavior?
  • Where do they buy?
  • When do they decide to buy?
  • Why do they make the buying decision they do?
  • How do they think and buy?

3 tools you need

The question is: Where do you get all this data? Your answer lies in three main sources.

Contact Database

Your leads and customers provide you with a treasure trove of information that can help your business succeed. Look to your contact database to see how these leads and previous customers have found and consumed your content.

Social Media

Another great starting point is to see which forms of social media your leads are using most often. This will point you in the right direction to see where you should be driving your marketing efforts. Social media also provides key insights into what people are saying and what’s on their minds.

Web Analytics

Your contact database and social media accounts are helpful. But also utilize your Web analytics tool (example:  Google Analytics) to learn much more about your customers’ habits. A review of your website’s analytics can show you what people are searching for, how they’re searching for it and why they’re on your site. You’ll also be able to uncover the searcher demographics that will factor into creating your buyer persona.

Armed with all this information, you can start making use of SEO strategies to further target your content toward current and potential buyers.

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