3 Easy Strategies For Creating an Excellent eBook

An eBook packed with valuable content can be a huge benefit to your target audience and to your business. It’s a great way to enhance your credibility, fortify your platform, communicate your valuable ideas and generate sales leads via downloads of the content.

But do you have time in your busy schedule to actually write the darn thing?

The answer is yes! Especially if you enlist the help of others. Here are three great ways to write a thoughtful, engaging and valuable e-book without spending too much time sweating over every word.

1. Ask Employees to Contribute

Make a chapter-by-chapter outline of what your eBook will cover. Then do a detailed bulleted list of every point you want to cover in each chapter. Now assign one or more chapters to different employees in your company. Once you’ve established the skeleton of the eBook, others will be able to flesh it out without any one person writing the whole thing. Obviously, you’ll need to do some rewriting and editing to unify the overall voice of the eBook, but much of the heavy lifting will already be done.

2. Interview an Industry Expert and Make It the Backbone of Your eBbook

Effective eBooks are highly targeted in terms of audience and subject matter. One in-depth interview (or several interviews) with a well-spoken expert can become the basis of your book. Add your personal insights, company knowledge, examples, humor, quotes and anecdotes to support and fortify your expert’s point of view. As an alternative, utilize a panel of experts.

3. Use a “Tips” Format and Collect Valuable Tips From Your Company Experts

Readers love “tips” because they’re quick to read, easy to understand and simple to put to use. Survey company experts and customers for their most valuable insights and use them to create an eBook filled with quality tips to help your readers solve pesky problems, promote best practices and improve processes.

Effective eBooks serve up an intensive helping of quality information that resonates with your target audience and enhances your credibility as a thought leader. Although you may think you’re too busy to write one, these three tips can help you create an e-book that engages, delights and offers valuable information to your audience.

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