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BrandpointHUB is an easy-to-use content marketing platform to coordinate all your content production and publishing efforts in one place. Consolidate your entire content practice, collaborate with your team, and control every step of your content marketing process with the most intuitive and robust content marketing tool.

Built By Content Marketers, For Content Marketers

With over two decades of experience in the content marketing industry, Brandpoint has created hundreds of thousands of pieces of content for a multitude of businesses, agencies and individuals. As content marketers, we know how bottlenecks, headaches and draining back-and-forths can cloud the potentially clear stream between concept and publishing. BrandpointHUB was developed with Brandpoint’s depth of experience and keen understanding of what it takes to create quality content efficiently.

Find out how much time you save on your content marketing efforts when you automate your workflows, collaborate with your team online, and automate publishing with one tool.

BrandpointHUB 14-Day Trial
BrandpointHUB consolidates your entire content practice, making it easy to collaborate across your organization and control every step of the process.

Try It Free Now Pricing
14-day risk free trial. No credit card required.

Streamline Your Entire Content Marketing Practice


Get a global view of what's due, what's done, and what's in development to quickly see gaps in your coverage and coordinate efforts across your team.

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Editorial Calendar

Track all past, present and future content with a single editorial calendar to keep your team organized and on the same page.

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Workflows make it easy to define your content creation process so you can create, review and publish your content efficiently.

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Projects capture strategic information to make sure your content is organized and built to support specific initiatives, business units, clients, or brands.

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Quickly connect to popular publishing platforms to schedule and automatically publish content on the date and time you specify.

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Gauge your content's results, monitor effectiveness and optimize projects with Google Analytics and social monitoring software integrations.

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Plan. Create. Review. Publish. Measure


The best content marketing is ongoing and consistent. BrandpointHUB helps ensure there's no content dips and delays while keeping your strategy at the center of everything you do with personas, buyer stages, and keywords. Brainstorm and capture your content ideas in the parking lot and monitor your publishing schedule in the global, shareable editorial calendar.


With planning organized and underway, you can focus on writing and editing your content in one, centralized location. Select from over 20 different content types, including social media, blog posts, product descriptions and print projects. Store your images, videos, and reference materials in the asset library.


Use BrandpointHUB's Workflow Templates to efficiently manage the routing and review process without the confusion of multiple emails, Word Docs or spreadsheets. Coordinate and always know the status of your content. Receive notifications whenever content is ready for your review and collaborate with your team by sharing and responding to comments. The review and approval process is so simple, you'll have time to spare.


Never miss another deadline again. Work ahead on content and avoid missing publishing deadlines by scheduling content to auto-publish with full integration to WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, HubSpot and more.


Know exactly how effective your content is when you tap into BrandpointHUB's integrated Google Analytics and social media platform reporting. Optimize content creation efficiency with data from the easy-to-read Production Reports. and monitor the effectiveness of your published content with Performance Reports.
What Our Clients Say About BrandpointHUB
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"The HUB enables me and my team to collaborate with less confusion and get projects done more efficiently."

- Rachel Edler
Brand Marketing Manager
Homestead Gardens
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"You can tell BrandpointHUB was developed by a company with deep experience in creating content
and making it flow."

- Holly Brus
Social Media Manager
Murals Your Way
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"BrandpointHUB provides an intuitive workflow from ideation to publishing that allows teams to work together, spend less time and have more control."

- Scott Litman
Managing Partner
Equals 3
Here are Some of Our Hundreds of Happy Clients
Brewer Science
Gallery Furniture
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14-day risk free trial. No credit card required.